Monday, December 21, 2009

Its Monday!

Monday, except no SCHOOL :)

This makes me so happy, I was able to wake up at 9. It felt so good. I did have some pretty weird dreams though, I woke up crying for one of them. I guess they were lucid dreams, except it just sucked I couldnt change or tell myself to wake up. Oh, well. Maybe next time.

Yesterday I felt extremely disgusting about my weight after all, it is the holidays and that is usually when I gain tons of weight. So my solution is to stay busy. Today I am doing laundry and cleaning  small room. The rest of the week and break will be focused on moving in to my new room. I am so excited, after all it is like 30 times bigger :)

I need to check what color I want to paint it, I was thinking purple and pink but my dad probably would not be too excited about that, so maybe just purple, maybe just pink, I was even thinking yellow. I dont know, it has to be amazing... Like extraordinary. I am also going to ask the pastor to let me use the old overhead projector so I can make the design of the music heart on one of me walls... And the eventually I would have a tiny stage in front of that.. :)

Sounds good.
I am getting offline in 13 minutes so that I an do all my laundry and stuff.
Hope I have fun at Cadi's today <3

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